What are the genuine ways to Make Money Online taking Surveys?

Wait! Before you think that this is another of those posts which tells you to signup here and there in order to make money, then you are wrong. I will tell you some genuine websites where hundreds and thousands of people are making money online doing surveys and testing out products of various companies.

So without taking much of your time let us begin.


One of the most trusted names in online survey websites is YSense. It was earlier known as ClixSense.

This particular website gives you a number of ways to earn money, other than taking surveys, including cash offers where you get paid for trying out new products and services for their advertisers, downloading various apps, signing up for other websites, watching videos and so on.

Additionally, they also offer small bonuses in the form of completing simple tasks like checking a profile on Linkedin, etc.

YSense also has a referral system too where you refer other people to the network, just the way I am telling you – but my way is kind of different. This is again another way of getting some commission referring to other people who might be interested in the same way of making some extra cash.

Panel Place

One of the oldest survey websites is Panel Place. I have personally worked with them for a long time and was successful in earning a good amount of money from here.

If I say that this is even better than most of the similar websites out there then I won’t be wrong. So many top advertisers trust them and since they are running for so many years, your trust also builds upon them almost instantly.


As I said, there are so many survey websites out there but not all are trustworthy. So I will not recommend them at all. It is better to work on 1 or 2 platforms only and then reap rewards from them instead of working on 50 websites and then not being able to earn much.

One more thing. When you signup for YSense or Panel Place, then you won’t see many opportunities as you are still fresh and as you progress – take surveys, refer other people, etc, and stay more active, then you will start getting more offers from them.

In addition to this the availability of surveys also depends upon the country you live in, USA gets the most offers, your age group, lifestyle, and so on.


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