This Is The Best Web Hosting India Plan 2020

Picking up the best web hosting India plan is actually a tough thing to do since so many companies now offer their services in India. Web Hosts offer their web hosting packages for as low as ‘free’ with a lot of ‘catches’ attached to them.

I have personally bought a lot of hosting packages for myself and my clients since 1998. Some hosts were good, some bad and some were good for some time period until your website starts becoming a little bit popular. Why am I saying so? Well, that is because once they detect that your website is now starting to have a lot of visitors they either tell you to upgrade to a higher plan or get a virtual server for yourself.

One of the companies actually told me TWICE that they can’t host my website because it was having about 25000 visitors per month (not much), and they terminated my account. When I asked them why did they do so, they told me the same – your website uses a lot of resources so you should get a VPS to continue any further.

So, before you pick a web hosting service and zero down to any offer from any of the companies, first think about a number of things.

Things to remember before purchasing Web Hosting

  1. What type of website are you planning to make?
  2. Is the website going to be built upon HTML or WordPress etc?
  3. What is the space requirement that your website needs?
  4. How many websites are you willing to host? 1 or more?
  5. How many people you know have bought from this web host?
  6. Have you ever heard about this company?
  7. Do they offer a money-back guarantee?
  8. Are they providing you with Cpanel and free SSL services?
  9. Do they offer free website migration service (if required)?
  10. Do they provide live chat support?

These are the 10 points that you should really think upon before deciding to get a hosting account with a web host.

IMPORTANT: No matter which web host tells you this, there is nothing like UNLIMITED in this world. So if they say, Unlimited Space & Bandwidth, just ignore it. If in doubt check with their support or pre-sales team.

Wow! Free Web Hosting! Should I?

I never personally suggest a free web host to anyone as there is a huge risk of data loss, server speed, hacking attempts, or even the closure of the service itself. This has happened in the past too with extremely popular hosts like Geocities for an example.

If in case you don’t know what Geocities was, here are some more details about it:-

Geocities was once a very popular web hosting service that was founded in the year 1994. Since it became quite popular, it was purchased by Yahoo! in 1999. At that time it gave 15 MB free space to host your website. It was at one point the 3rd most-browsed site on the World Wide Web.


But as we know how Yahoo! is, they literally kill every good and popular service they have, including Yahoo! Messenger and Flickr (the free version). They did the same with Geocities.

So, as I was telling you, one should NEVER ever go with a free web hosting provider no matter how big the company is. I won’t even suggest Blogger or WordPress free hosting too as you never know when they decide that your website content does not meet their ‘TOS’ and close your account or just might decide that they can’t continue with free web hosting.

Why not Blogger? Just like what Yahoo! has done with Geocities, Google has also done with Google Plus. So it is better safe than sorry.

Then, which is The Best Web Hosting India Plan?

Ok, let us now talk about the best web host as of today. Why am I saying so? Actually I go through the top 10 web hosting companies every year and I pick the one that performed the best throughout the last year. Just like this time, I saw which host gave me the most peace of mind in the time period of 1 whole year and then I chose Hostinger.

The Features of this Web Host

This Is The Best Web Hosting India Plan 2020

hPanel – Just like Cpanel, Hostinger has its own hPanel which is equally capable and offers almost or even better features than Cpanel. They claim that it took them 10 years for creating this control panel, taking user feedback. The best thing about it that it is not cluttered with unnecessary features just for the sake of it. It’s simple, quick and free of any nonsense.

WordPress Optimized – Like you, me and everyone else (almost) now use WordPress for their websites so WordPress optimized hosting is a must. I know that it actually doesn’t matter which type of hosting you buy as you can yourself fine-tune it according to your needs, but if you already get an environment where you get everything optimized then it even better.

This Is The Best Web Hosting India Plan 2020

Uncle Teddy Approved – Yes! I approve of the quality of this service for sure. In fact, as of today, I am personally using 3 different web hosts but only Hostinger has been able to give me the quality of service I actually want. If you want to start your website or want to migrate to a new host then choose this now.



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